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Generate more revenue with Treehouse

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Eliminate barriers to EV sales

Home charging is often a source of anxiety for EV buyers. Treehouse removes the uncertainty from the EV buying process by making it easy for you to offer home charging at the point of sale, creating a one stop shop for customers.

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Improve customer satisfaction

Streamline the painful process of finding a trusted contractor by integrating Treehouse directly into your retail experience. Boost CSI scores by ensuring your customers have an exceptional EV experience from the day of delivery.

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Enable a new revenue stream

Generate additional revenue by incorporating Treehouse directly into your retail process. Treehouse delivers instant, guaranteed pricing, allowing you to offer multiple payment and financing options, including vehicle financing.

Why partner with Treehouse

We make it easy to offer home charging installation at your point of sale.

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End-to-end ownership

We're a licensed electrical contractor, not a marketplace that hands off leads. We manage the entire customer journey end to end with superior quality and safety standards: every job is performed by a vetted, licensed electrician, permitted and inspected.

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Instant, guaranteed pricing

Customers complete a simple 60 second survey about their home and Treehouse delivers instant, guaranteed pricing for home charging installation. Partners can also integrate this survey directly into their websites via our API.

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Transparent reporting

As a vertically integrated electrical contractor, we always know the status of every job - from lead, to permit, to installation and final inspection. Treehouse delivers real-time updates on every project so you know how your customer's installation is progressing.

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Expert training

Treehouse provides training and collateral to empower sales teams to talk about the benefits of home charging. We'll make sure your team is ready to answer the most frequent questions about installation and charging at home so you can sell EVs confidently.

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Dedicated support

We know our customer experience is an extension of yours. Treehouse delivers exceptional service 7 days a week to assist with customer and partner questions on home charging, including rebates and incentives.

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Dealership charging installations

Ensure your dealerships have the right charging infrastructure in place to keep your EV inventory charged and road ready. Treehouse will partner with you to scope current and future charging needs, provide expert recommendations on site design and equipment, and complete installation of both Level 2 and DC Fast chargers, depending on your needs.

How Treehouse works

Treehouse manages installation end-to-end in 4 easy steps.

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Treehouse combines responses from a short customer survey with available property data to deliver an instant, guaranteed price.

Partner reviews

Our partners love us
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Quote from DGDG
Treehouse is a huge benefit to our EV guests. It has taken the fear away about costs and process associated with getting a home charger installed. And the process to get their quote and installation is so easy and detailed.
Quote from Ken Garff
Ken Garff Automotive is all in on the future of EV, so finding a deeply committed home-charging partner was our priority. Treehouse quickly stood out as we worked through our business and customer needs. We're confident we have selected the right partner and look forward to our mutual success.
Quote from Polestar
Treehouse has been an invaluable partner for Polestar Marin and Polestar San Jose, making setup and usage effortless for both retailers and customers. Their solution perfectly caters to the needs of our EV customers, and we wholeheartedly recommend their services.
Partner with Treehouse
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